This work summarizes the contribution of sodumi (24 years old and graduate student) of the woman with intense cruelty. Sodumi who met a certain man and awakened to m had a physical relationship with a student who was a tutor in a man's order. It is only the beginning and the order escalates. Sodami carried out even the instruction of working in manners and manners and putting out the body as desired. After that, sodumi, who had been abandoned in the man, stood in the city of night, and entrenched himself in the desire of various men, and consoled the craving of cruelty. The anal man of the anal mania who had met in the inside was anal extended until the self fist was able to be put into the toilet bowl guy. It is transferred to the other man from the man, and it is deprived of the character now, and the body and the spirit are presented to the desire of sexual perversion of various men as a transforming loan.